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At Moon Tide Reconciliation, our mission is to facilitate reconciliation and create cultural safe spaces, with a focus on Indigenous cultures. We work to acknowledge and address the harm and trauma caused by past actions and events, and to build a more equitable and just future for all. Through education, understanding, and respect, we aim to create a world that is more understanding and accepting of all cultures. In particular, we are committed to creating safe spaces for our elders and Indigenous community members."

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Our Story

"At Moon Tide Reconciliation, our story is one of awareness and empowerment through Indigenous history and cultural practices. As a grass roots, family-owned business, we are committed to building bridges and fostering understanding between cultures. By marrying Musqueam and Syilx teachings together, we offer a unique perspective on Indigenous cultures.

To achieve this mission, we offer the Kairos Blanket exercise and Indigenous cultural workshops on cedar weaving, carving, and smoked fish. These workshops allow us to preserve and share Indigenous history and traditions, and to promote understanding and respect between cultures.

We are dedicated to creating safe spaces for elders, youth, and community members, and to bridging the gap between youth and elders through education and mentorship. Through storytelling and hands-on experiences, we empower youth to give back to their elders and community, and to build a more equitable and just future for all."

  • The Sparrow's

  • Sparrow Smoke House

  • Salish Syilx- Sparrow Commercial family fishing vessel

Smoked fish and canning workshop 

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Knowledge Keeper Francis Shuter

Kairos Blanket Exercise

Moon Tide Reconciliation 

"Facilitating reconciliation, one step at a time."

"Creating cultural safe spaces through understanding and respect."

"Honoring Indigenous history and traditions, and ensuring the safety and well-being of elders and community members."

"Empowering youth to preserve and share cultural traditions, and honoring the wisdom of our elders."

"Moon Tide and the Kairos Blanket exercise: Building understanding and reconciliation."

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